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Bulletproof Nutrition

Agency: Vertetude


Holistic brand strategy, identity and packaging redesign to launch Bulletproof into international market and gain acceptance into Whole Foods Market.


Art Director, Lead Graphic Designer and Illustrator


Logo, business papers, collateral, infographics, packaging design and illustration, brand guidelines, web assets, email campaigns


  • Designed a logo to make Bulletproof accessible to a growing, globally diverse audience
  • Redesigned packaging to align with Bulletproof lifestyle and succeed in retail
  • Collaborated with fellow illustrator Todd Connor to create the artwork for the packaging
  • Directed and maintained design standards and quality control for packaging across more than 35 products, several with 3 language versions
  • Designed collateral, including infographics to explain a complex diet as simply as possible
  • Collaboratively worked with designers, writers, and photographers to complete short-term and long-term projects

Brand Identity and Collateral

Bulletproof Armored Dove logo design vertical
Bulletproof Armored Dove logo design horizontal
Bulletproof Business Papers with branding and coffee artwork
Bulletproof logo on coffee mug merchandise
Bulletproof coffee with butter and brain octane oil recipe card with branding and artwork

Packaging Design and Illustration

Bulletproof coffee and supplements packaging artwork concept sketches
Bulletproof packaging coffee, tea, brain octane and mct oil
Bulletproof packaging chocolate powder, cacao butter, and vanillamax
Bulletproof packaging chocolate bars, coffee, and sea salt, and truffled chocolate coffee beans
Bulletproof coffee and supplements products brochure


Bulletproof diet infographic showing when to eat, what to eat, and how much to eat
Bulletproof diet infographic for mobile devices
Bulletproof diet infographic for mobile devices
Bulletproof diet alcohol inforgraphic

Email Campaign Templates

Bulletproof email campaigns, template and holiday

Photoshop Mockups

Before — Flat native file

Bulletproof packaging dieline used for mockup

After — Mocked up in Photoshop

Mockup of Bulletproof coffee from packaging dieline

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