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Cause Rooted


Created the brand identity, as well as designed and developed a website to tell the client’s story and establish them as a potential business partner for companies that support great causes.


Logo, personas, wireframes, prototypes, website, illustrations

Sketch, InVision, WordPress, Illustrator

Cause Rooted came to me with a special concept that I could passionately get behind. Their mission is to help cause-driven companies increase sales, while giving their customers a meaningful shopping experience. The Cause Rooted marketplace will sell ethically-sourced and artisan products.

Logo Design

I created a logo to represent the core of their name sake—strongly rooted by the global causes they and their business partners are passionate about supporting.

Cause Rooted Logo Design in Horizontal
Cause Rooted Logo Design in Vertical


To help tell the story, I developed a graphic style for illustrations that help explain their process. The icons are simple enough to read quickly but the rough edges and colors are help carry the cultural tones of the industry they serve.

Cause Rooted Process Illustration

Typography and Color

Arno Pro was chosen for its warmth and readability, building trust with potential business partners and customers. While it’s inspired by the past—consistent with the artisan products that will be sold on the site—it is appropriately contemporary for their future-focused mission.

Cause Rooted Typography and Color Design


Phase 1 of the website was designed and developed to help Cause Rooted earn contracts with companies while building a list of customer emails. The simple one-page site tells their story and establishes them as a respectable resource for potential partners. The full ecommerce website will soon be in development.

Cause Rooted Responsive Website Design Layout

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