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Everbloom Doula


Designed logo and business cards. Designed and developed a website to establish the client as a respected doula, using tones of warmth, reliability and security.


Logo, business cards, sitemaps, user flows, wireframes, website, illustrations

Everbloom Doula Services was in need of a brand identity and website that communicates warmth, reliability and security. My client’s customers look to her for support in what will be one of their most memorable life experiences. Conveying trust and maturity is crucial for her when building relationships with potential new clients. It was a privilege to create a brand and website that achieves her objectives.


We created a logo that communicates warmth and reliability, while conveying the beauty of childbirth and motherhood.

Everbloom Doula Services logo design vertical
Everbloom Doula Services logo design horizontal
Everbloom Doula Services business card with logo design

Typography and Color

The soft purple was chosen for its connection to comfort, peace, and wisdom, while the fresh green stands for life, renewal and harmony. Together they carry a tone ideal for the deeply personal and emotional services provided by Doulas.

Everbloom Doula Services typography and colors


Without a budget for photography, we used a few photos provided by the client, as well as thoughtfully selected free stock photography. We applied unique crops to the three feature photos on the homepage to help break up the grid structure of modern web design. The result is an affordable approach to achieving an elegant and professional look.

Everbloom Doula Services photography

Web Design

The website was built on a user-friendly WordPress framework to allow the client to easily manage and update the website on her own. It works beautifully across all devices and is easy to navigate. Her potential clients are able to quickly learn about her services and her experience, backed by testimonials.

Everbloom Doula Services responsive website design layout

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