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SkyKick Website

Driving SaaS product registrations and qualified leads

Website design and development

Redesigned SkyKick’s Cloud Backup product pages to align with new messaging pillars while showcasing the key features and benefits of the product. Our efforts resulted in an increase in demo bookings and other revenue-generating leads.

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  • Established KPIs to measure results and position us to make improvements over time
  • Analyzed historical analytics to inform user experience and design decisions
  • Optimized the navigation and flow of content to improve the user journey and increase engagement
  • Increased leads with enticing downloadable resources and targeted landing pages
  • Stylized the product screen previews to enhance their visual appeal and improve readability at a glance
  • Incorporated certifications, testimonials, and other social proof to establish trust with the audience

 Product images & artwork

Lead generation

In addition to improving conversion rates on our primary pages, we increased leads by creating targeted landing pages and downloads to provide users with additional incentive.

Built for MSPs PDF
Moving to SkyKick Landing Page
Cloud Backup eGuide

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