I’m grateful to have worked with these incredibly talented and caring human beings, and to have learned from each them.

Jonny’s dedication to his craft never ceased to impress me! Jonny has an exceptional ability to step mindfully into the shoes of the end-user to creatively express form and function in ways they never knew they needed. He’s data-driven in everything he touches and the products he creates are done so with the intent of netting max results; all the while somehow keeping his designs beautiful, clean, and on-brand. He’s an eloquent communicator and made my job as project manager an absolute dream. In addition to being a unicorn in his work abilities, his kindness and passion for life shines through in everything he does and he creates a positive energy that’s infectious to those around him.

Kim – Project Manager Director, Big Thinkers Society

I have worked with Jonny extensively as part of the Product Marketing team. Jonny has been pivotal in ensuring that SkyKick presents a polished and professional image to our various audiences. From a design perspective, Jonny possesses a keen eye, adeptly helping both to ideate and refine concepts into compelling, impactful, and relevant visuals. Beyond design, his expansive experience in various marketing roles allows him to both serve and contribute effectively. Overall, I have been particularly impressed with his exceptional stakeholder management and project management skills. He is an amazing Design Partner that gets it done!

 Varshaa - Global Product Marketing Leader at SkyKick

I've had the pleasure of working with Jonny over the past three years and have been continually impressed with his depth and breadth of talent and his strategic approach to the work. He developed numerous logos and full identify systems for Big Thinker Society clients and designed and developed numerous websites with an eye not only to the aesthetics but also to SEO, analytics, and measurable results. In addition to being an expert in his field, he is wonderful to work with—he truly cares about the team and the work and he is dedicated to delivering excellence. I greatly enjoyed working with Jonny and I know you will too.

Laura - Founder & CEO, Big Thinkers Society

Jonny is an essential extension of our marketing team. He can easily translate complex concepts into effective, easy-to-understand marketing assets and designs that captivate and engage our customers. His work consistently aligns with our brand and product storytelling, covering a broad spectrum of media and project types. For any business seeking to grow its customer base and build a brand, Jonny is a must-have partner to bring your vision into reality!

Jenny - Product Marketing Director, SkyKick

I've been working with Jonny for over 6 years, and during that time we have completed hundreds of projects together. He consistently demonstrates his commitment to excellence. He is responsive, creative, and always brings a user-centric approach to our website and marketing campaigns. Additionally, he continuously seeks new creative solutions while ensuring brand consistency and enabling others to do the same. Jonny has been an outstanding partner.

Ken - Sr. Marketing Manager, SkyKick

Jonny’s work is always very well thought out, on brief, and beautiful. Inclusive and collaborative, Jonny encourages all around him to look for design solutions that are both creative and strategically viable for a given project. He is a font of knowledge about design, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, and online presence—and he works hard to stay on top of new developments in the field. Jonny’s passion for strategic design is admirable. That he is always striving to learn more and further develop his skills is inspiring. And finally, that he has a great sense of humor makes working with him a pleasure.

Claire - Senior Designer, George Mason University

Jonny excels at finding imaginative and creative design solutions for clients. He listens to the problem and quickly works through ideas to find the best answer, using a variety of tools and techniques. His creativity, attention to detail, and technical proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite and other tools are a constant inspiration to the team. He motivates and enables the team to become better designers. It’s been a pleasure working with Jonny over the years.

 Sam - Photographer, Designer, Content Producer

Having worked with Jonny for years, I have been deeply impressed with his work. Jonny is not only technically skilled, but he also genuinely cares about my business and always has my brand's best interests in mind. He provides fresh ideas and tactfully pushes back when my ideas do not align with my objectives. Jonny is always reliable and responsive, and his work is exceptional in quality and value. From small requests to major website redesigns, I have been delighted with everything Jonny has done for us.

Suzanne - Founder, The Crafty Cask

I've been working with Jonny for years. It's so nice to work with someone who not only is good at their job, but they are great to work with! I've used Jonny for and website work and materials for our marketing campaigns. He has great ideas to make things better, he's reliable and accessible, and always puts out quality work. He also is just an overall generous human being.

Leanne - Executive Director, Renton Regional Community Foundation

Jonny guided me through the development of my first website and logo for my business. He was highly responsive and collaborative, working with me to create a site that truly represents my brand and services. Thanks to his work, the website has become a lead generator for my business.

Sacha - Founder, Virtual Work Insider

Jonny helped us achieve every target we set and exceeded our expectations in the design process. From our initial conversation to the website launch, we appreciated his attention to detail and guidance to bridge the gap between our starting point and our desired outcome. We are grateful for Jonny's objective, clear, knowledgeable, and focused approach.

Blake - Principal, Investment Firm

Jonny’s work ethic far exceeds the majority of people I have encountered in both academic & professional settings and this is evident in the quality of work that he produces. His projects are always completed on time and at the top of the class. He is an “all hands on deck” team player that contributes with the perfect amount of support. He is well respected by his peers.

 Brandy – Sr. Director, Product Design at Fiscal Note