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Hello, I’m Jonny, a graphic designer and web developer in Seattle.

I’m passionate about building, supporting, and refreshing brands that captivate an audience, engage their attention, and inspire their loyalty.

With strategy at the core of my process, I work closely with my clients to create cohesive brand systems.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Landing Page & Website Design

Print & Digital Marketing Material

Iconography & Infographics

Social Media Strategy & Content Creation

Traditional & Digital Illustrations

Design Process

The process varies based on project type and client needs, but here is a sample of what the process can look like for a website design project. If you would like to learn about my process for brand strategy and identity, or print design projects, please contact me.

1 Planning and Research


Driven by curiosity, I start by asking a lot questions to understand the vision and goals for your project. I want to know about your brand. How are you positioned in the industry? What are the qualities that you are known for? What are the characteristics that set you apart? The answers to these questions will help us define goals and determine how to quantify the success of the project.

User Research

Driven by empathy, I seek to understand your core audience and their motives. Who are they? What are their needs? What problems do you solve for them? How do they interact with your product? What is their response to the experience you currently provide? Where might you be missing the mark and where can you improve? This research helps us establish personas and user tasks to ensure empathy remains a part of the process. This stage can involve creating storyboards to help us understand the user’s experience with your site or product in context of their daily routine.

2User Experience

Ideation & Concepting

Driven by research, I dive into problem‐solving. I fill my notebook with scribbles and sketches and I cover my whiteboard with diagrams as I explore viable solutions to the challenges of the project.  The first idea is rarely the right one, so we work together to establish a number of options before identifying the strongest solution(s).

UX Design

Driven by clarity, we build the experience for your users. This is when concepts begin to take shape and we are able to validate our concepts through testing. We wireframe screens for quick iterations while focusing on content flow and heirarchy. Then we build low fidelity prototypes for user testing so we identity and resolve any issues prior to investing in the visual design and development stages.

3Visual Design


Driven by strategy, I create a mood board to capture a visual tone that optimizes the experience. With agreement on direction, I develop web styles based on typography and color studies. This might also include iconography, illustration, and photography—I love creating beautiful artwork when it appropriately supports brand strategy.


Driven to completion, I apply the artwork and styles to mockups and—when appropriate—into high fidelity prototypes to save time and money in the development stage. When developers are building out the product, I hand off all of the desktop and mobile assets. Preferably, the developers are looped in along the way to ensure project feasibility and identify any issues that might arise.

4Development and Launch!

When I develop websites, I build in WordPress. This is when I create a child theme for the final site design. Building on an intuitive, high performing WordPress theme with a visual builder allows me to develop efficiently while still making the website a unique experience for users. This is also when I run the site through tests to ensure it’s performing as it should and meeting all SEO requirements.
After launch, I train my clients to manage and update their new website on their own. I also guide them to track performance through analytics and testing, and to use that knowledge for A/B testing and future iterations.